Helping You Reduce Costs and Improve Efficiency

Envision Energy Services, LLC  is a partnership of electric cooperatives in central and eastern Kentucky. We have pooled our more than 50 years experience in running and maintaining the most complicated electrical machinery in the world to make that experience available to commercial and industrial energy users across the state.

Our roots began in the cooperative quest to provide power to all customers in our service region. We carry and continue that philosophy to our Commercial and Industrial customers within these areas. Our high commitment to customer satisfaction is portrayed in extremely vigorous repeat business that we are called to perform for our customers time and time again. Services like Infrared Thermography can offer predictive maintenance cues to help offset potential outages. Annual inspections are becoming standard for many of our industrial users.

Our cooperative membership continues to grow as customers call on their energy providers for more elaborate engineering services. We are heavily involved in end-user project management, allowing them to free up internal personnel for more immediate duties. Envision provides detailed engineering reports based on the complexity required by the customer. This can range from a simple billing analysis to a grid-level power factor correction efforts all to serve a single customer's concern's.

It could be very rewarding to find out exactly what types of services you can get for little or no investment at all. We can help you locate a cost savings, make a process more efficient, or perhaps even locate equipment that's likely to fail. If you have any comments, questions or concerns, please contact us.

Thank you for choosing Envision Energy Services. We sincerely hope your visit with us is informative, enlightening, and downright productive. Since this site is relatively new, we welcome suggestions for content that would make your job (and life) a little easier. Simply click the contact us button at the top of the page and drop us a note.